Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Odds and ends

Sign of the day: "cafẽ." Yes, that's an e with a tilda. I didn't even know they had such a thing. I guess they couldn't find an acute accent, but there was a tilda just lying around?

In my post on church music, I called organ music "grave." That works for most church music, but I also discovered that it can sound dangerously close to carnival music depending on the song. One should definitely consider that when choosing whether to accompany a hymn with the organ.

I heard the following quotation from Obama on NPR tonight (this citation from Fox News:

"If private insurers say that the market place provides the best quality healthcare, then why is it that the government is suddenly going to drive them out?" Obama said.

He went on to say that government can't run anything efficiently, according to the health insurance companies, and "that's not logic" (quoting from memory here) to say that government will drive them out.

What's not logic is for Obama to ignore the fact that government can subsidize its insurance, and almost certainly will -- if it doesn't, what would be the point of providing a government option? The market provides the best insurance for the money, but government can throw endless amounts of money at the problem because it can borrow money indefinitely or tax to pay for it.

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