Monday, June 1, 2009

Hurricane season

I'm beginning to wonder about living in Chesapeake. I've liked it so far, but the newspaper now carries ominous stories about the arrival of hurricane season. How serious could it be, right? Serious enough that the government declared a sales tax holiday last week for people to buy batteries, canned goods, and other emergency items. I'm not too sure I want to live in a place that is so concerned about hurricanes that people regularly stock up on emergency supplies every summer.

I heard "Taking Care of Business" on the radio yesterday. What a great song -- and I don't even mind that they repeat the refrain so frequently. I was inspired to look up the words, and, what do you know, the song isn't about working at all: it's about a guy who doesn't work, just lays around and plays the guitar. I wonder how many people know that? I certainly don't think Office Depot would use the song in their commercials if they thought it gave that impression. Yet another rock song -- to go along with "Born in the USA" -- that people interpret in the exact opposite way intended, chiefly because no one can understand anything but the refrain.

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