Saturday, March 17, 2018

Flea market

I went to a flea market today.  A lot of people are under the misconception that a flea market is a place to buy fleas.  This is not the case, although sometimes there are fleas for sale there.  Rather, a flea market is a place to buy flea accessories.  I got a new leash and a smart bonnet for mine.

Getting quality flea accessories at a reasonable price can be a challenge.  The skill required to make anything small enough to fit a flea naturally puts a premium on them.  Not only that, but many flea accessories come in only one size.  As anyone who has raised fleas can tell you, getting a flea collar that is too large is like having none at all.  Before you know it, your flea will slip out of his collar and hop on the next dog or cat he sees, and then you have a hopeless time trying to find it among the fur.  I recommend you not buy cheap Chinese knockoffs because they are rarely true to size and do not stand up to the kind of workout a normal flea will give his accessories.

I also encourage you not to pay to watch a flea circus.  Although these can be entertaining, the fleas in them are kept in terrible conditions and mistreated in training, either beaten, starved, or both.  With just a little effort, you can train your own flea to do a number of tricks, which is much more fulfilling than watching others in a circus.  I have taught mine "roll over," "hop," and "bite."  Properly cared for, a flea can provide you a loving companion for many months.