Saturday, August 12, 2017

How About a Love-In?

What a crazy day in Charlottesville.  A bunch of people with literally no mainstream political support anywhere gather, there's an even larger counter-rally, some violence ensues, the whole country is looking at Charlottesville now.  Ironically, almost none of the people are actually from around here.  I don't know about this time, but the last time there was a rally a few months ago, KKK members came in from another state.  I assume local members would have come if there were any.

I don't believe this rally was instigated by left-wingers to make the right look bad, but I do believe that left-wingers couldn't have done a better job themselves than these bozos have done for them.  Down to the stupid name, "Rally to Unite the Right," which it has in a way -- even top members of the Republican party who usually disagree on everything have condemned the rally.

I'm not the organizing sort, but I have a pretty good idea of how I would implement a rally to defend the statue of Robert E. Lee.  My first principle is that it is not about race, so no group with the word "white" in their names would be invited.  Beyond that, it would not be an angry rally but rather a love-in:

(a) everyone is encouraged to bring a canned food item for the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank;
(b) no torches allowed, but candles are welcome;
(c) minimal speeches, chiefly of people saying what things they are grateful for;
(d) prayers for unity;
(e) all counter-protesters given a flower and thanked for their civic participation.

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