Sunday, July 26, 2009


I admit to being something of a Marxist. I've always preferred Groucho. Karl wasn't funny at all -- much too long-winded. His only one-liners were "workers of the world, unite" and "religion is the opiate of the masses." But try using those at amateur hour and see if you get any laughs.

I've seen almost all of the famous Marx brothers' movies, but I honestly can't remember much of them at all. (Two scenes that stick in my head: Harpo irritating the guy at the lemonade stand, and Groucho declaring war because of an imagined slight.) This weekend, I watched A Night at the Opera, which is considered one of their best. And, I'm sorry to say this, I didn't find it very funny.

Am I losing my faith as a true Marxist? Honestly, I've always liked Groucho the best, Chico pretty well, and Harpo not at all -- I put up with him because I have to in order to see the others, but he's really irritating to me. I also don't care much for the musical scenes. Chico can actually be amusing on the piano because of his funny hand motions, but Harpo on the harp is just harp playing -- not at all funny, and not particularly interesting to me. Even some of the wisecracks are nothing more than lame puns.

I did laugh on many occasions, because I love that dry wit. There were just long periods between the good jokes that I didn't find very funny. I think I would enjoy seeing Groucho do You Bet Your Life, because I suspect that his impromptu jokes are the equal of anything in the movies, and probably funnier for being unexpected. Well, I've ordered Animal Crackers from Netflix, so we'll see if that one amuses me any better.

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  1. Marxism is the best.
    Even after 150 years, all the rules of Marxism still apply: capitalism is a horrible oppressive system that needs to be overthrown.