Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Catching up

A couple of additions to earlier posts:

I commented in an earlier post that most songs need to have a rhyming refrain. The Led Zeppelin song "Rock and Roll," which I happened to hear on the radio the other day, is a perfect example of a song whose refrain does not need to rhyme. The virtuosity and excitement of the line "been a long lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely time" carries it; to rhyme it would almost be painting the lily. (Since it's only one line, it's not clear how it could rhyme anyway, but that's another matter.) Few refrains can match it, however.

I have written previously (not on this blog) about churches with strange, non-identifying names, such as "The Rain Church" and "The Harvest Church" (both in Warner Robins, Georgia). I have since seen two more in Virginia, "The Rock Church" and "The Lighthouse Worship Center." The Rock Church has a cross on it, so I presume it is Christian of some variety (does "church" imply Christian?). I have no idea what the Lighthouse Worship Center is, however. It looks to me like they are deliberately trying to avoid being tied down to a particular faith by calling it a "worship center"; perhaps they're aiming for the deist crowd of people who think there is a God, but aren't quite sure whether He has written any holy books or given any directions on the best way to follow Him.

Finally, in a follow-up to my post on the end of the dollar store, I found a store in Greenbrier Mall (Chesapeake, VA) that answers my question of how they might deal with inflation: it is called "$5 & Below" and has much the same content as dollar stores.

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